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- Starting with a handshake

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Engage your attendees

With Shake-on, networking is as simple and intuitive as a handshake. Once a handshake has been made between two people, the smart bracelets will automatically exchange basic contact information with one and other. Watch conversation spark in a seamless and natural way!

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A complete solution

Manage all areas of your event, from registration and scheduling, match making and session check-in, to lead generation and engagement. Gain real-time insight into the behavior of attendees.

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Our customers include

Sander Vroom - Marketing Manager at Rabobank

Shake-on facilitates our mission and goal to bring people and parties together. With their technology they enable visitors of our events to connect, and most important, to stay in touch with each other.

Remco Wouters - Founder at Synpact

Shake-on enables us to have insights about our attendees and their whereabouts. That’s not only great for us, but also for our clients, the exhibitors, whom we can share this information with.

Our stats

Shake-on is growing fast. We are already among the leading smart event companies, helping thousands of event attendees to connect — making events more fun and engaging.

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